Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero explore what it's like to break into the Tech field as junior developers as well as how to stay up-to-date on new technology.
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Prototyping, Product Management, and Conference Proposals with Marisa Morby

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Ooh, new side project... lemme get coding!

I'm sure we've all been there. We get an idea, start coding a proof of concept, and then our POC becomes production... but wait, what does it need to do again?

Pump the brakes and consider your users

Marisa Morby knows all about this process. Marisa worked as a Product Manager for Gatsby, meaning she was ultimately responsible for nailing down the end goal of the project and making sure all teams kept their eye on the prize while building it out.

In this episode we learn what a Product Manager is (they rock, go work at a company that employs one), and Marisa also tells us how to apply her PM knowledge to our own projects. We talk about designing for the user, and prototyping our app so we have clear direction before coding.

We also dig into writing a 🔥 conference proposal, getting over a fear of public speaking, and then dive into Nerd Minute and explore Discworld!

Note: Lee will be speaking at DevFest Florida on Nov 16th, come see his talk and meet Lee and Eddie in person! - DevFest Site

Show Notes:

  • 1:01 - Intro & Marisa's Background
  • 3:07 - How do you define requirements before coding?
  • 6:53 - ProDUCT management vs ProJECT Management
  • 8:16 - The Design Process and Prototyping

    • 10:27 - Eddie's Design Process
  • 11:44 - Planning your own Project
  • 16:24 - How do you prototype your projects?

  • 18:46 - What do you prototype first?

    • Starting at the end state, vs the home screen
  • 21:40 - Design tips for Developers that are new to Design
  • 27:13 - Wireframing and Lo-fi Prototyping
  • 31:31 - Research or Prototype first?
  • 35:22 - How do you get input from users? Surveys? Interviews?
  • 37:03 - Surprising revelations unearthed through user research
  • 41:41 - Conference Proposal Advice

    • Tell a story

      • Pain, Hope, and a Twist
  • 46:30 - Writing an awesome title for your talk
  • 51:00 - Marisa's Speaking Experience
  • 54:14 - Should you submit a CFP if you're early in your career?
  • 58:31 - Tips for facing a fear of public speaking
  • 1:03:44 - Where to look for conferences to attend or submit talks to
  • 1:06:35 - Nerd Minute!

    • Books!

      • Design is Storytelling by Ellen Lupton - Amazon
      • Discword Series by Terry Pratchett - Wikipedia

      • Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - Wikipedia
    • TV

      • Carnival Row - IMDB
      • Wu Assassins
    • Games

Wed, October 30, 2019, 2:30 PM UTC