Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero explore what it's like to break into the Tech field as junior developers as well as how to stay up-to-date on new technology.
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Refactoring your finances with Lucas Casarez

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We all love 💵, but managing it is another story.

Lucas Casarez knows a little about finance. Lucas is a CFP and financial planner that works with developers and tech professionals to help them pay off debt, plan for retirement, and keep their heads above water financially.

In this looming financial corona-cession, we talk about why the market is so volatile, as well as how that affects you as a developer and investor.

About Lucas

Lucas is a fiduciary, Certified Financial Planner and founder of Level Up Financial Planning, Power Up Tax Planning Services and host of Techie Personal Finance Bootcamp.

Lucas specializes in serving tech professionals who want to maximize their financial opportunities to live their best lives today while having confidence that their future will be awesome, too.

Level Up Financial Planning is unique because they focus on your life plan, not just the investments, and instead of investment minimums they use subscription minimums to create greater access to financial planning for the not yet rich.

Show Notes

  • 1:01 - Intro and about Lucas
  • 2:14 - General Advice and Common Financial Missteps

    • Emergency Expenses
    • Lifestyle Creep
  • 4:43 - Buying a new car as a reward to yourself
  • 6:49 - Choosing what's important in your life and staying accountable
  • 7:51 - Prioritizing Student/Bootcamp loans and debt
  • 12:01 - Interest Rates and Refinancing
  • 15:12 - Options for bad credit
  • 17:42 - Paying the loan with the highest interest rate

    • The Debt Hydra...
  • 20:35 - Mortgage refinancing
  • 24:47 - What to do with surplus cash?
  • 27:26 - Should you put money in savings?
  • 28:34 - How do you invest money?
  • 31:06 - Online investments can make trading too easy
  • 33:11 - Roth vs traditional 401k
  • 39:09 - Coronavirus
  • 44:41 - Basic Financial Strategy Review
  • 46:36 - Beanie Babies, Bitcoin, and Tulips
  • 49:21 - Coronavirus and fear affecting the stock market
  • 52:50 - How does the stock market/recession affect your investments/401k?
  • 1:01:17 - Advice for recovering financially from the corona-cession
  • 1:04:12 - Lifestyle Creep and How salary affects quality of life
  • 1:08:15 - bankruptcy
  • 1:10:05 - Where to find Lucas online

  • 1:15:29 - Nerd Minute!

    • 90's X-men cartoon on Disney+
    • Hunters on Amazon Prime
    • The Darkness (Don't watch it 😐)
Wed, March 25, 2020, 8:00 PM UTC