Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero explore what it's like to break into the Tech field as junior developers as well as how to stay up-to-date on new technology.
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What do CTOs want from developers? David Ledgerwood and Megan Fister Share their Research plus Resume and Linkedin advice

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"What are you looking for in a developer?"

I ask this question every time I talk to a recruiter or really anyone from a company that's looking to hire.

I almost always get "passion" and "culture fit" for an answer.

But what the heck do those terms even mean? Passion for what? What "culture" do we need to fit into?

David Ledgerwood and Megan Fister really cut through the fluff on this topic. Ledge started asking CTO's what they want in developers, and refused to take "passion" and "culture fit" as answers. The results will surprise you.

Ledge and Megan both also have a ton of experience matching up companies and developers. They've read hundreds, if not thousands of resumes, and so I asked them to review our post-bootcamp resumes and Linkedin profiles! We received some great feedback and practical advice on how to improve our job search materials.

If you're searching for a developer job, this episode is a must listen!

Show Notes:

  • 1:01 - Introducing Megan and Ledge
  • 4:19 - What are CTOs looking for in a new hire?

    1. Commitment to Professional Development
    2. Soft Skills (Communication)
    3. Diversity of Experience
    4. Problem Solving
    5. Customer Empathy
    6. Business Accumen
    7. Character
  • 10:47 - What does "Passion" mean?
  • 15:41 - What is "Culture Fit"?
  • 22:13 - How do you show passion, etc. on your Resume?
  • 26:20 - Wait, what is "Business Accumen?"
  • 30:02 - How do you write a resume if you have no experience?
  • 33:10 - How to list your skills and projects on a resume

    • Plus: Linkedin and Portfolio tips
  • 40:59 - Should you worry about your Github Heatmap?
  • 45:48 - Megan reviews our Linkedin profiles and resumes!

    • Lee's Linkedin - Link
  • 50:17 - Lee's Resume Review

    • Before Megan's Advice - Link
    • After Megan's Advice - Link
  • 57:05 - Megan Reviews Eddie's Linkedin

    • Eddie's Linkedin - Link
  • 1:00:11 - Why you should always keep your Resume/Linkedin up-to-date
  • 1:01:58 - Megan Reviews Eddie's Resume

    • Eddie's Resume - Link
  • 1:08:58 - Looking for a job with no network to rely on
  • 1:10:47 - Cold Emails and Building your network
  • 1:22:57 - Technical Interview advice
  • 1:26:00 - Nerd Minute!

    • Gray Man novels
    • The Office
    • Silicon Valley
    • Batman: Hush
    • Batman vs TMNT
Wed, October 16, 2019, 12:15 PM UTC