Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero explore what it's like to break into the Tech field as junior developers as well as how to stay up-to-date on new technology.
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How to learn Java with Michael Kimball, The Code Operative

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When I was a fresh-faced college student, I decided I was going to become a computer scientist. I took my first intro to CS course and had my hopes and dreams dashed almost immediately. I printed triangles to the terminal and coded in notepad for a whole year, folks.

Ten years after that course I eventually made my way back to programming, but I haven't touched Java since.

However, Java is an enterprise darling and I think it deserves another shot. Plus there's so much you can do with it, like build Desktop programs, Web Servers, and make Android apps!

That's why we invited Michael Kimball, The Code Operative, to come and set us straight on how to get going with Java.

Michael works as a backend developer writing Java apps and cares about teaching new devs how to learn Java while guiding them through the complicated Oracle landscape.

Show Notes:

  • 2:57 - Michael's Backstory
  • 4:00 - Learning Java in College
  • 7:47 - Starting up The Code Operative YouTube Channel
  • 10:00 - Why should Junior Devs learn Java?
  • 11:55 - Spring/Boot: Java's Web Server frameworks
  • 15:38 - What the heck is Dependency Injection?
  • 19:35 - Desktop and Android Apps in Java
  • 21:31 - Wait, should you just learn Kotlin instead?
  • 22:19 - Navigating the JDK versions
  • 26:13 - What IDE can you use?
  • 28:00 - What kind of starter projects should you try?
  • 28:48 - Swing and JavaFX: Building GUIs for desktop apps
  • 34:38 - "Write once, run anywhere", the Java runtime environment
  • 38:25 - Java vs JavaScript

    • Static and Dynamic typing
    • Typescript
  • 45:10 - How do you build an android app with Java?
  • 48:03 - XML-based layouts
  • 51:37 - Check out Michael's Tutorials!

  • 52:09 - Nerd Minute!

Wed, June 26, 2019, 1:00 PM UTC